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Marchenko was killed because he was a Ukrainian patriot

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  • 16 вересня 2017

Today, September 16, Valeriy Marchenko a Ukrainian Independence activist would have been 70 years old.

Valery Marchenko was also a Human rights activist. In his article “Kyiv Dialogue” he turned against the instruction of the Ministry of Education of the USSR “On in-depth Study of the Russian Language in Schools of Ukraine”, having called it “the most recent Valuev Decree”, reminds the statesman and historian Igor Sharov in his Facebook.

The regime threw the dissident into the prison for the second time when he was already seriously ill. He died in October 5, 1984 in the prison hospital in Leningrad.

In court, in the last plea, he, “a particularly dangerous recidivist,” said that he “believed in God and in good people characteristics,” that he “always tried to do good to people.”

“In my book” From Dreams to Action! “(Kyiv,” ArtEconomy “, 2016), – writes Igor Sharov, – I remind you that in 1991, communists from the 239 + 1 group supported the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. We seem to have got a free country painlessly. And then we didn’t appreciate it. Lack of attention to the figures who fought for Ukraine, lame patriotic education at school, indifference at all levels to the interests of the state gave very negative results. ”